SEO and Site Optimization

A Real Presence On The Internet

There are multitudes of beautifully designed websites floating silently all around the Internet unnoticed. Companies who desperately need awareness and recognition are so easily misguided by attractive design elements and lost in the matrices of search engines. Perhaps brand names like Nike, MTV, and Budweiser can get away with entirely flash websites for which everyone will look and be able to find first on the list when entering “Nike” or “MTV” into the search engines. What about the rest of us? How can small and/or new businesses and brands steal share via the web? It comes down to building a strategy that is based upon the ingrained artillery of the web and the needs of the online consumer. It comes down to a careful optimization of your web presence.

What is involved in optimization? Web optimization typically involves copy changes, key word exploration and implementation, front-page adjustments, and individual customization involving the target market and strategic brand identity. It is crucial to be detected by the web crawlers in order to move up in position within the search engines and, in turn, visible to the consumer searching through Google, Yahoo, MSN…etc.

The look and feel of a website is indeed important and complimentary to the business; however, being able to reach the consumer is the number one concern for any brand working toward stealing share from the competition and increasing brand awareness. The web optimization process through which we will take you, explaining every step along the way, will not only enhance the positive charges of your current site, but will also create a new and better awareness of your brand.

What we offer to our clients is true web optimization as well as possible restructuring and redesigning. There is very little point for a well-designed site if it will never be found by potential consumers (the customers of the competition). For example, if “XYZ Service” only pops up when “XYZ Service” is entered into the search engines, XYZ Service has very little hope of being anything other than a pursuer of new business. Consumers will not be able to find them as an option or approach them while searching through the category, and XYZ Service will hardly even be on the map other than the Yellow Pages (if they can afford it) or through limited word of mouth. Thus, the only web traffic they will receive will be their own customers who clearly do not need to be sold on the brand they are already using.


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