Interactive Design

For better or worse, privacy and complete control are things of the past

Interactive design and development is not about controlling the user and forcing them into a linear path. It is more about offering opportunities for discovery. The thrill of working it out and finding what they seek without big flashing arrows yelling "CLICK HERE!"

Leading the user is fine, giving the user a good clear navigation is fine — Forcing the user to sit and wait is not. (Who actually watches the annoying flash intro and doesn't immediately look for the skip button) Yet most clients try to add things into interactive projects that will do just that. Taking an interactive project and making it an interactive presentation. Which is an oxymoron. It's either interactive or presented.

We could spend time talking about technology here. Flash versusJava based animation, Static html versus ASP or the ubiquitous Powerpoint. But technology isn't important, the strategic message is. Figure out your strategy and method(s) of delivery and let those things dictate the tech used to distribute. Any and all work just fine. Don't get caught up in the "what to use" argument. Every agency has someone who only knows one way to do things and that will be what they push. If it works for your message and audience, then it works.



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