Art vs. Commerce

Great design versus exceptional marketing

For years this battle has been fought with a great deal of passion from the opposite factions. Which is more important, art or commerce? Art is what makes us human. Commerce is what makes us profit. Most interactive development companies do one of these very well and the other enough to get by. Always pushing their client in one direction or the other. Further toward their competency and farther away from what they will say, in their expert opinion, is of little or no real importance. You get a beautiful site that doesn’t have a message and can’t lead a visitor from the front page through to a sale or you get a great shopping cart that looks like it was put together by lab monkeys using standard templates with no look, feel or attitude that represents your brand position in your customers preceptive beliefs.

Wedge looks at this as a non-issue. Neither one of these are more important than the other. They are both critical to your success on the web. Great design should always work hand in hand with a good SEO and marketing strategy. Our strength lies in the fact we are right there at the beginning of the research, not a third party brought in at the 11th hour. The message we deliver will be strong, clear and consistent with your overall strategy. It will enhance your brand, not detract from it. We realize that in this day and age, the very first impression someone gets about your business may be from your online presence. We make sure that impression is a good one that reflects your brand positioning.

JMF Interactive core competencies

  • Interactive marketing
  • Design web sites
  • Build web sites
  • Build database driven sites
  • Optimize web sites
  • Video Production
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